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27 April 2016

Culture Clinic™ – Change Risk Diagnostic for Organisational Transformation & Growth

To survive and thrive in a world where value creation is fast, fluid and persistently disruptive, the culture of our organisations must evolve.

Being agile is about speed. It’s about grace under fire and having a capacity to move quickly and decisively in anticipating and taking advantage of opportunity, whilst collaborating to avoid negative and even catastrophic consequences of change. 

Curiosity is the intrinsic motivation to learn, our desire to know about something or someone. It’s that ‘spark’ in our brain that leads us to investigate something that is interesting because it is unusual.

Agility and Curiosity are the X-Factor of Emergent Organisations

Together, agility and curiosity change the game; people learn to anticipate their environment and each other, guided by a higher purpose that creates cohesion and the essential conditions for innovation and growth.

Culture Clinic™ – Guiding Effective Transformation

The Culture Clinic™ is an assessment of culture that equips organisations with essential tools and insight to mitigate their change risk. With a focus on conscious leadership and guiding effective transformation, the core diagnostic framework of the clinic is the Culture Quadrant™ profiled in my forthcoming book Emergent – The Future of Culture. 

Consisting of four distinct personas of culture, each determined by degree of agility and curiosity, the Culture Quadrant™ helps organisations to identify their culture blind spots and any leadership or departmental issues that might exist. The result is a picture of overall culture that highlights its strengths, weaknesses, and potential risks of change, with an optimal path for transformation that creates value across the organisations entire spectrum of stakeholders. 

The Culture Quadrant™


Personas of Culture


Many of the world’s iconic institutional brands embody the CONTROLLER persona. A scripted and hierarchical mode of operation that gains power by maintaining compliance (often at the expense of community) CONTROLLER cultures are highly regulatory and reactive to change. CONTROLLER is most under-threat due to its lack of agility, limited transparency of politics and power, and constant challenge to create authentic values alignment with stakeholders.


Innately curious and experimental, PIONEER culture is easily recognised in the many and varied makers and artisans at the bleeding edge of social and technological advancement. Spanning startups, social enterprise, and brands whom define culture through invention, PIONEER reacts and transforms with its environment commanding formidable utility and presence. PIONEER culture is vibrant and fast-paced, yet often secretive about its invention and typically not known for collaboration and co-creation.


The most adaptive and agile of all Culture Quadrant™ personas, MIMIC has an extraordinary ability to identify and assimilate trends. A copycat by nature with exceptional mastery in replication and optimisation, some of the most iconic and successful brands in history embody a MIMIC persona. Whilst highly agile, MIMIC culture lacks ability to conceive and transform from within, relying on external forces to innovate and transform.


The highly agile and curious poster child of the emergent future, SYNERGIST culture is tribal and collaborative. Conscious leaders and organisations embody a SYNERGIST persona. With a focus on empowering autonomy and interdependence, SYNERGIST transforms culture and society in a continuous cycle of co-creation, innovation, and realignment.

Equip Your Organisation to Thrive

I invite you to look back at the Culture Quadrant™ and assess:

  • Where are you?
  • Where is your team?
  • Where is your organisation?

Based on the insight these questions evoke what is the conversation that needs to happen today?

Typically, organisations embody one of the Culture Quadrant™ personas in their culture with traits of the adjacent modes. The Culture Clinic™ empowers leaders with a change imperative to develop strong culture and values alignment with employees and stakeholders, whilst maintaining focus on day-to-day service delivery.

For more information about the Culture Clinic™ please contact Gaya.


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