CATALYST Engagement System: The Blueprint to Ignite Purpose, Growth and Impact!

Leveraging co-creation mechanisms to guide and influence purposeful engagement with customers and employees has never been more important in an organisation’s quest for sustainability. 

The CATALYST Engagement System empowers organisations to ignite purpose, address current shortcomings and adapt to the increasing current away from hierarchies to autonomous and interdependent networks. Unguided, most fail in their attempt; this shift exposes huge skills deficits in organisations, a lack of engagement, lack of value and meaning, critical NPS, market reach, penetration and more.  

CATALYST equips you with:
  • A blueprint to ignite purpose and unlock innovation
  • Essential skills to co-create value with customers and stakeholders
  • Tools and techniques to sustain engagement, growth and impact
  • Capability to realise a culture your customers love and employees feel proud of

CATALYST can be tailored to serve the needs of any organisation, small or large. A facilitated workshop series helps organisations identify clear purpose and values as well as any culture and engagement blind spots that might exist. In essence, CATALYST enables leaders to de-risk change while identifying an optimal transformation path. By identifying a higher purpose the tension of change can be diffused, customers and employees can be authentically engaged, and a strong culture everyone believes in can be realised. 

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Australia’s leading thinker on creating and sustaining movements, Stephen Scott Johnson, has turned his attention to how companies can transform cultures, and the result is profound. EMERGENT is a game changer for organisations looking to transform their results through real culture change.

Peter Cook, CEO, Thought Leaders and author of The New Rules of Management

Stephen’s CATALYST system offered our business the insight, clarity and direction we needed to truly co-create meaning with our people. The opportunity to create a movement rather than deliver another top-down communications campaign affords an important step-change for leaders and communicators alike.

Rebekah Miles, Head of Communications, Sanofi Australia & NZ

ln a world now characterised by an inextricable symbiosis with technology, never before has transparent and raw humanity been so vital to leadership, business and society. CATALYST is a prescient pathway to enlightened and sustainable organisational success through the awakening of co-created purpose, vision and values.

Ashley Howden, CEO of KJR

Stephen is a man of great integrity, who is committed to the people he works with and any strategy he creates. He is a visionary of social innovation and passion is his middle name.

Georgia Murch, Expert in Feedback Culture and Communication