CO-CREATE Academy™ Culture of Innovation By Design

Co-Create Academy – Culture of Innovation By Design™


In today’s complex workplace collaboration, lean operations and good intent are not enough. Forging long-term sustainability depends on whether institutions can effectively evolve from the traditional command-and-control model for business, to an interdependent and co-created model.

CO-CREATE Academy™ is a workshop series and professional mentoring programme that addresses top leadership challenges, helping organisations ignite purpose and innovate for the future, whilst maintaining day-to-day service delivery. 

CATALYST is the implementation system behind some of the worlds most successful social movements and enterprise innovation projects. It is a process of initiation and transference that transforms engagement, growth and impact.

CO-CREATE ACADEMY™ will give you the edge in today’s complex workplace:

  • Identify culture blindspots that undermine productivity and performance
  • Mitigate change risk and chart an effective path for transformation and growth
  • Synthesise purpose into a powerful manifesto of intent that fuels advocacy and engagement
  • Learn the art of collaborative autonomy to minimise stress and reactive workflow
  • Create cohesion to strategy and forge long-term sustainability

Toxic to Emergent Culture Ladder

Wherever your organisation locates on the culture ladder the goal is to level-up so that day-to-day workflow becomes less reactive and is more connected, considered and adaptive.

Traditional approaches to culture change and corporate innovation fail because they are void of the vital tenets of conscious leadership and co-ownership. CATALYST™ ignites purpose and diffuses the tension of change so that it becomes a co-created and aspirational quest. 

Ensure the success of your most important projects and level-your-people-up with a new essential toolset and techniques to transform culture and innovation.

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