Stephen Scott Johnson has 20 years experience helping organisations ignite purpose, growth and impact. Stephen’s keynotes and workshops equip audiences with essential insight, tools and strategy to lead and thrive in the emergent cultural paradigm.

Stephen Scott Johnson is an expert in change who helps organisations catalyse engagement and innovation. An industry veteran with two decades of experience in global business, he is a highly sought after international mentor and keynote speaker in enterprise co-creation and movements. Stephen’s clients include Sanofi, Unilever, Victoria EPA, Momentum Energy, BMW, Air New Zealand, Mondelez and ecostore, just to name a few. 

With an A-list of appearances including London Festival, SXSW, Creative Innovation Global, and ADTech, Stephen covers a diverse range of topics with something to suit any audience. He is featured in Fast Company, BRW, Huffington Post, Marketing Mag, Mumbrella and The Age. His work is critically acclaimed with accolades including Cannes Cyber Lion, AIMIA and webby. 

Stephen’s presentation style is a potent blend of contemporary insight and pragmatic leadership. He cuts-through inertia—then equips and inspires audiences with what they need to transform culture, growth and impact.

Stephen is the author of EMERGENT—Ignite Purpose, Transform Culture and Make Change Stick (Wiley 2017)—an essential guide for change leaders. 

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Add one of these sessions to extend the impact of Stephen speaking at your conference.

These sessions can also be delivered from the main platform where appropriate.

The Art of Communicating In Crisis

This presentation equips Corporate Affairs and Communications professionals to confidently navigate and engage controversy and crisis. Stephen draws on a remarkable blend of real-world experience and online forensics to empower business leaders with essential tools to mitigate risk, manage reputation, and transform stakeholder relations.

Vulnerability, Reconnection, and the Quest To Create A Life of Purpose

Vulnerability, intuition, and interdependence are traits not typically associated with success and power. In this potent presentation Stephen shines a spotlight on ego and the artificial construct; the external self-protective identity we unconsciously create to survive in a world of misconstrued feeling, function and emotion. This is a unique and insightful talk that challenges leadership stereotypes to unlock ‘true power’ and potential in people and culture.

The ‘Superpower’ Combo To Drive Workplace Innovation and Wellbeing

From the radically transparent and agile approach of leading startups to the notoriously secretive practices of Apple, modes of culture vary from innately synergistic to ‘scripted’ regulatory silos. This presentation will show you how to nurture curiosity and unlock people’s innate innovation potential.

Influencing Advocacy and Engagement Through Conscious Governance

Our capacity to lead in the emergent future is not merely about resource and being agile; it requires intuition and an ability to forge strong social and emotional bonds with stakeholders. With corporate governance and representation in crisis, engagement and retention demands a new type of influence and conscious leadership. Learn the secret to inspiring radical engagement and advocacy.

From Command-and-Control to Synergist Ecosystem

The destabilisation of institutional power and rise of community power has become the conversation of our time. Value creation is fast, fluid and persistently disruptive. Federated leadership and collective identity has changed the game and business needs a new set of skills to lead and thrive. Learn how to influence and co-create value through authentic community engagement.