12 April 2016

Life Inside A Bubble (Inertia and Resistance of Change)

Do you ever feel like you’ve hit a ceiling in life and an unseen force holds you back from where you want to be? No matter how clever, efficient, creative, or strategic you play the game, something inhibits you from achieving your goals and dreams.

I’ve been contemplating the relationship between human potential and our resistance to change. It got me thinking about the artificial constructs we unconsciously create that enable us to exist in a world of misconstrued feeling, function and emotion. Like an amniotic sac constructed without our knowledge as protection we are meant to evolve to a stage where we can eventually break free of its protective environment.

You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.

The inertia and resistance we experience when attempting to change our circumstances is not dissimilar to the physics of a bubble. Did you know gravity exists within a bubble? There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of the fragile, hypnotic, rainbow-laced, ball of wonder.  The internal pressure of a bubble resists outwardly from the centre, counteracted by the surface tension acting around its circumference. The extraordinary tensile strength this creates enables its membrane to stretch well beyond its limits, before it eventually bursts.

Be it significant relationships, the pursuit of purpose, or desire for more fun and adventure in life – it is the fragile interplay between control and letting go of attachment that creates the necessary conditions for conscious transformation to occur.

My friend and colleague Cameron Burgess beautifully articulates the complexity of the human condition and our desire for authentic connection: “We weren’t given instruction manuals and training on how to be functional, healthy, loving beings. We were, instead, incepted. Ideas about gender, sexuality, family and love were forced upon us – frequently with good intent – that make being present and truthful something of a challenge. True relating requires deep enquiry; it requires courage to stand in the fire, to let what is false burn away, even as it sets fire to what the ego holds most precious.”

Our achievements enable a similar kind of inertia and resistance. We learn to get by attending to the basicsnever challenging the confines of what feels safe or comfortable. Relegated to the status quo, we abandon ourselves to the dampening field of constructs that no longer serve us, disconnected from truth and but a shadow of whom we really are, or could become.

The good news is you can mitigate inertia in your personal and professional life. Three essential attributes to ensure continuous innovation, evolution and emergence, are:

  1. Curiosity – enquiry that unlocks imagination to discover alternate realities, as well as future possibilities
  2. Courage – the ability to see beyond the uncertainty and fear of present circumstance, to take positive action
  3. Conviction – the catalysing ‘x-factor’ that sparks momentum to break us free of gravity that inhibits potential


It’s no surprise the embryonic pull of ‘bubble life’ is strong. After all, who in their right mind willingly stands in the fire? Avoiding pain is coded into our DNA, which is probably why stories about the achievement of goals being easy are so rare.

If you’re stuck in a construct craving a life, career, or context you presently don’t have, perhaps you should scratch that itch.


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