03 November 2017

How to Create a Purpose-Driven Culture

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe can mean different things for different people but it largely refers to the energy and purpose of an organisation—it’s reason for being—and how this purpose enables connection and belonging. It is the authentic alignment of individual purpose (what inspires us personally) with the mission and values of an enterprise. When these...
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26 October 2017

Challenging the Fear and Fatigue of Change

According to Lewis E Platt, Hewlett-Packard chairman and CEO and champion of innovation culture, ‘You must anticipate that whatever made you successful in the past won’t in the future.’ Platt’s 1994 speech gave business leaders everywhere inspiration for guiding their organisations in uncertain times. Such basic advice could have been...
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26 August 2017

The Change Leaders Manifesto

The essence of any purpose-led organisation is to recognise why it exists. Irrespective of function, every business on the planet was established to fulfil a need in society—its higher order purpose. Spanning products, services, community and more, purpose incites action and ensures that the people an organisation serves are at...
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12 July 2017

The Four Personas of Culture

One of the biggest challenges for the modern-day enterprise is to imbue curiosity and agility as a daily way of working. Curiosity fuels the continuous cycle of iteration and realignment that is essential in a dynamic enterprise. Whereas agility enables companies to move quickly and decisively in anticipating and taking...
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