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A 90-day mentored Culture of Innovation program for directors and teams


Mobilising as a positive force in society has become an essential prerequisite in business. It requires extraordinary agility, deep courage, and connection with a clearly articulated and enduring purpose (a NorthStar). 

Research proves employees of purpose-driven companies are more engaged, more satisfied and 3x more likely to stay. Even more compelling – 89% of clients believe purpose-driven companies deliver the highest quality products and services.

Did you know meaningful brands connected to human well-being outperform the stock market by 120%? Or that purpose-driven companies attract and retain the best talent, build loyalty and trust with customers, and increase returns for shareholders?

Identify your companies NorthStar™ and generate profitable, sustainable growth.

Find Your NorthStar™ is a game-changing workshop and online program that provides teams with essential skills, experience and tools for purpose-driven high performance. Contact us today and articulate a clear and enduring purpose for your business that acts as a compass for innovation and growth.

Find Your NorthStar™ helps: 

  • Identify and articulate a higher purpose for enterprise

  • Inspire deeper connection with customers and stakeholders

  • Minimise employee apathy and wasted potential

  • De-risk change and ambiguity fatigue

  • Attract and retain the best talent

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