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Create High-Performance By-Design

Great leaders intuitively understand that achieving the right mix of skills, experience, and personality is key to an effective working group. Get that mix wrong, even by just one individual, and the result can be catastrophic. Stephen's workshops equip teams with the knowledge and skills to overcome challenges and achieve better business results.

EFFORTLESS COLLABORATION™ – Transform engagement barriers into performance catalysts. Go beyond vision and values on office walls to identify a higher purpose and make it real for your people. In this workshop, you will create your team's Manifesto – a blueprint for collaboration that establishes your leadership in your area of expertise, defines what you want to achieve, and guides how that will happen. Create buy-in, retain the best talent, and differentiate products and services in a powerful way to attract and keep great customers. ​​


CONSCIOUS LEADERS CATALYST™ – End resistance and self-sabotage and unlock self-mastery. Success always has a blueprint, but it's not a cookie-cutter. In this workshop, transcend outmoded leadership frameworks to explore individual and team strengths, capability deficits, and performance blind spots with the Conscious Leaders Index™, a breakthrough diagnostic and prescription for growth that enhances individual and collective awareness, agility and accountability.

TEAM TURNAROUND™ – Save time and money solving technical problems and remove friction from teamwork. Measure the psychological safety of teams and get equipped to create the essential conditions for a culture of belonging. This workshop identifies and resolves toxic emotional triggers and unhealthy coping strategies that cause fear and social friction, while enhancing team connection, vulnerability and openness. Equip your people to leverage diversity and lead with integrity through active listening, empathy, problem-solving and courage.

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