We all know teams with hidden potential, Stephen’s Effortless Collaboration™ and Working As One™ programmes unlock this talent, and resolve behavioural patterns that inhibit high-performance.


Effortless Collaboration™ is a 1-day workshop that educates teams about why they act and react the way they do. Uncover and resolve the personality and communication traits that prevent team success, and learn how to co-create beyond the boundaries of individual limitations.


Find Your NorthStar™  is a workshop and series of 'purpose clinics' that guide teams to co-create and embed a clear and compelling purpose.

Working As One™ is a program for teams that focuses on three essential elements: Awareness, Agility, and Accountability. We teach you how to embed high-performance into your everyday. When your team is at their best they are faster and lighter, not slow and heavy. When your team is fully optimised they are Working As One™.