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Aligning the mission of an enterprise with the aspiration and values of its stakeholders is one of the greatest leadership challenges of our time. How do we create buy-in? How do we retain the best talent? How do we differentiate products and services in meaningful ways to attract and keep great customers? Despite what many organisations believe, purpose is not enough.

While it is essential for a business to articulate who it is and what it stands for, sustaining engagement and innovation requires more than altruistic storytelling and vision and values displayed on office walls. But when a higher purpose is made real – sensed and experienced – it sets souls on fire. This subtle yet crucial distinction can ultimately determine an organisation's success or failure.

Effortless. The new standard in high-performance.

The 2014 Stanford University study ‘Cues of Working Together Fuel Intrinsic Motivation’ proved a distinct relationship between collaboration and achievement of breakthrough results, and that even the mere perception of working collectively on tasks can supercharge performance. The problem is, getting teams to work well together can often feel like trying to bring opposite poles of a magnet together – the resistance is overwhelming.

In this workshop you will:

  • Identify a higher purpose for your team or enterprise 

  • Define what business you are really in

  • Learn how to break through engagement barriers and leverage people's differences to catalyse connection and collaboration

  • Create a Manifesto that inspires action and belonging


Go beyond mission and values on office walls and make a higher purpose real for your people.

A Manifesto is a set of ideas and plan of action that makes the higher purpose of an enterprise real for its people (what you love, believe, and are committed to).  Imbued with a higher purpose, a Manifesto establishes your leadership in your area of expertise, defines what you want to achieve, and guides how that will happen, removing complex barriers to engagement such as differing opinions and misalignment of values, which when understood and leveraged, become powerful performance catalysts.

By embedding a higher purpose in your organisation or team you will:

  • Resolve interpersonal issues and unclear group goals that hinder productivity

  • Create the essential conditions for a culture of innovation

  • Elevate performance and authentic engagement

  • Stop missing opportunities and start leveraging them

  • Attract and keep great customers

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