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Give me 90 days, and I’ll have you jumping out of bed every morning feeling energised and laser-focused on leading yourself — and your team — toward making those “impossible” goals 100% possible.

You have big, ambitious goals for your team, your career, and your life –  but the path to achieving them feels like quicksand. While you’re no stranger to success or self-improvement, you’ve been at this long enough to know that what got you here isn’t enough to get you to where you want to go. The fact is, our human side can derail performance – our own, and other people’s personalities, combined with external interactions become liabilities when not understood. Like defragmenting a computer, it is essential to remove barriers that limit our ability to function cohesively and reshape how we think and operate.

With the right outlook, mentor, and a proven methodology, you have the power to transform your potential into effectiveness, overcome self-sabotage, and unlock the hidden abilities that will make you a force to be reckoned with. Elite mentoring with Stephen will change your life. Clients rave about his ability to quickly identify and resolve human shadow, a force of the unconscious that can be destructive and self-sabotaging when ignored, transforming liabilities into strengths. 

High performance starts at an individual level.


  • Get clear on the vision for career and contribution and make your mark (lead yourself and your team to success)

  • Identify and resolve subconscious triggers and social conditioning that limit your work, life and relationships

  • Master your mindset, develop blindspots and unlock latent abilities (lead with more awareness, agility and accountability)

  • Rewrite the narrative of your life and establish your legacy (become the most authentic version of yourself)

What people are saying...

What people are saying...



"Investing in high performance coaching with Stephen is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Stephen help me too deeply understand my personality and leadership style with led to positive and meaningful change in my interactions with myself and others. Stephen has also been instrumental in helping me to do ideate, develop and launch a new venture which will positively change the lives of many people. Stephen coached me in a way that resonated with me, gave me support and empowered me to believe in my self and my ideas. I’m so proud of what we have achieved together and I can’t wait to work with him to develop and scale my practise".

Conrad Tracey | Founder - Addiction Coaching Australia

"This has been a very different and far more rewarding mentoring experience than I have undertaken previously. I have spent many years working towards personal acceptance of the personality box I am in (or my 'type') and the roles and workplace cultures I am best suited to.  Mentoring with Stephen has been a challenging and far more enriching experience about understanding my self and the 'box' I am in (in a far more sophisticated model) so that I can move out of this and grow and develop in ways that I had not considered. My personal work within the mentoring program has been challenging as well as nurturing and motivating. Coming out of the program I have gained insight, a plan to establish new patterns (disrupt the old ones) and useful strategies to apply to daily life".

Elspeth Fink Jensen | EMR Connecting Care project

"The journey was excellent and the connection and development of my mentality and help to resolve some past trauma really allowed me to accept parts of my self that was in constant doubt.

Stephen is good man and great mentor. He has helped me alleviate doubt and pressure in my life in our sessions. He understands the challenges a lot of leaders face and his program was conducive to me stabilizing as individual for the business. I appreciate the energy and skills he has given me to lead my team with a more considerate and synergistic focus".

Alex Creel | Impact AV

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