As consciousness increases in the world so has the divide between organisations and their stakeholders. Culture and engagement has never been more important.

Emergent presents a unique governance framework and blueprint to implement your own cultural shift. 

Embracing change in today’s complex workplace demands extraordinary agility, acumen, and intuition. Unguided, most fail in their attempt; this shift exposes huge skills deficits, a lack of engagement, lack of market reach and penetration and more. Methodologies from social change movements are adopted as tools for initiating change and creating cultural cohesion around a higher purpose, and essential skills and tools to equip people and organisations for the emergent future.

In a survey of more than 600 organisations worldwide Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends revealed that ‘87% of organisations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges, and 50% call the problem “very important”.

“Culture is not a box you tick as a leader. It’s about creating a purpose worth getting behind. EMERGENT unpacks how you do that. Johnson is a movement maker and this book is a must read for leaders who want to make a difference.” — Matt Church, Founder Thought Leaders Global

EMERGENT – IGNITE PURPOSE, TRANSFORM CULTURE AND MAKE CHANGE STICK is a handbook for navigating and thriving in the new cultural paradigm. More than a simple DIY for change, EMERGENT empowers organisations to diagnose change risk, address current shortcomings and adapt to the increasing current away from hierarchies to leaner, flatter networks. Due out with Wiley in July 2017. 

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Having worked with hundreds of brands and committed nearly two decades of research to improving the way organisations engage and sustain community and culture, Stephen is a leading authority on how to ignite purpose and transform culture to improve business productivity and performance. 

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Change endeavours often fail because they lack a strong sense of purpose and vital human connection. Understanding organisational ‘mode’ enables us to create authentic alignment and cohesion with stakeholders. Ultimately, the more agile and curious — the more conscious and resilient the culture.