It’s finally here—the blueprint for leaders of change and enterprise innovation.

EMERGENT is a handbook for navigating—and thriving in—the new cultural paradigm. More than a simple DIY for change, this book provides a way forward through the transition, with expert guidance and a clear, actionable framework for implementation. 

  • Adopt a unique governance framework for enterprise transformation
  • Leverage the power of movements to fuel engagement and growth
  • Address skills deficits, misaligned values, and mitigate failed change
  • Ignite your organisation’s purpose and sustainability for the future

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What industry is saying…

in EMERGENT, Stephen Scott Johnson sets a flag in the sand, a mark, if you like, for how we achieve great things, not so much by being great but rather creating the conditions for greatness to emerge. The new role for the human factor is perhaps the oldest of all: to mobilise people in pursuit of a better future. This book is a great start in that direction.

Matt Church, Chairman and Founder, Thought Leaders

Stephen’s CATALYST system offered our business the insight, clarity and direction we needed to truly co-create meaning with our people. The opportunity to create a movement rather than deliver another top-down communications campaign affords an important step-change for leaders and communicators alike.

Rebekah Miles, Head of Communications, Sanofi Australia & NZ

Stephen’s command over the way information and influence spreads in the digital world is industry-leading, as is the methodology he’s developed to track, measure, map and turn this information into a tremendously useful decision-making tool.

Jonathan Fields, International bestselling author and founder of Good Life Project and The 108—Conscious Business Collective

In Stephen Scott Johnson’s hands, the words change, culture and purpose become far more than corporate buzzwords, they are revealed as keys to navigating and creating the future.

Dan Gregory, Co-Founder and CEO, The Impossible Institute

EMERGENT is a collision of contemporary thinking and ancient wisdom brought together in a practical narrative with confronting tools to support and evolve your leadership and culture.

Will Noble, Managing Director, Human Systems Companies