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Awareness - how to lead with love in chaos

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Last week, I wrote about awareness, to recognise where and how the 'autopilot' shows up in our lives. It was a gentle invitation to tune-in to self and 'wake up' to unconscious patterns of behaviour and instincts that control us. Since then, it seems the world has ‘gone mad’ with coronavirus chaos.

In these unprecedented times, and with calls for social distancing our 'modus operandi' for the foreseeable future, let’s be mindful of our patterns and the situations that trigger us. In other words, act rationally, stay connected, and be kind to one another.

With Covid-19 angst so pervasive, there’s even greater risk of panic and overwhelm governing our actions. Be it mainstream media, the social web, or face-to-face conversations – it’s stifling. The real battle is with uncertainty – a ‘Jekyl and Hyde’ situation where attempts to stay calm and not overreact are undermined by a self-doubting voice in our heads that criticizes us for underreacting. Just visit any local supermarket and you’ll see this playing out in real-time. If your pantry isn’t filled with enough emergency foods to feed the United Nations for the next three months – are you really unsafe? Unlikely…

Everyone is navigating ‘unchartered waters’ right now. Hence, we must take extra care of each other. If fear is a ‘gateway’ to overthinking and anxiety – it’s vital that we create space to process how we are feeling and leverage the upside of social distancing and current state of the world. Elevating wellbeing can be as simple as a walk in the sun to ‘reset’ and connect with nature; lay down on the grass and bring awareness to your breath. You will feel better.

Awareness of how others are feeling is equally important at this time. To diffuse feelings of worry, many people choose to isolate and limit exposure to news channels and social media. In all of this, we must never forget to care. When was the last time you checked-in with neighbours, friends, and loved ones?

“Growth, resilience, and love are our true nature, and these attributes make for a beautiful life, no matter what is happening in the world around us.” Tony Robbins

Without awareness we fall prey to fear, fuelled by subconscious ‘programming’ and instincts. Let’s not be that kind of human. The good news is, we are not our patterns. With awareness, we can evolve as individuals and as a society. So, go forth, act with kindness, stay connected, and in all things, lead with love.

Until next time,


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