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Into the wild

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This week I’m staying down the coast at the gateway to Wilson’s Promontory, grounding myself and setting intention for the year ahead. I’m at the incredible Ubuntu Retreats, which offers personal and unique experiences at the most southern point of mainland Australia. Ubuntu is not technically “open” until September 2021, but I'm here at invitation of the owner and feel extremely blessed to be here.

Following the chaos of 2020, I’m breathing out and using the solace of this beautiful environment to honour 'what is' and reflect, remove, and re-energise. And it seems I'm not alone in this endeavour, with many similar stories of mindful recalibration emerging from my community.

For us all, 2020 was a gigantic lesson on what is truly important – an invitation amidst chaos to be ‘more present’, to hold loved one’s close, and to be grateful for the small things; to not take anything for granted. Society has indoctrinated us to crave what we don’t have – a false belief that success and happiness are tied to accomplishment and accumulation. Hence, we are never truly satisfied with ‘just being’ and push ourselves to the brink of burnout striving for more – more money, more power, more influence, more... stuff.

And what for?

The universe is constantly giving us opportunities to change, and in order to change we need to retreat and do things differently. I invite you to ‘get off the hamster wheel’ and to likewise reflect, remove, and re-energise. Ultimately, you get to choose. Immerse yourself in nature and breathe out. I did, and it feels amazing.

Until next time...


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