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Raising your vibration in 'iso'

This week I was scheduled to travel to Bali, the plan being to isolate and write another few chapters of my book, The You in Us. Beyond its tourist appeal, Bali represents a place of spiritual significance and re-connection, a ‘reclaiming of essence’ where the usual pace and priorities of my life dissolve in quiet contemplation. Instead, I’m staying put in Melbourne for the foreseeable future, grateful for my health and security at a time where the world as we know it, has come grinding to a halt.

In times of reckoning and uncertainty we discover what we’re really made of as individuals and as a society. Right now, we are living the perfect storm of increased stress, limited space, and fewer distractions than we are used to. For some, self-isolation is framed with optimism and positivity – an opportunity to ‘reset’ and learn new skills or get started on creative projects that are usually deprioritised. For others, the situation invokes fear and chaos as the things that create a sense of security, purpose and belonging, are stripped away.

When crisis hits, negative emotions like anger, grief, and regret, cloud our attention. It would be surprising amidst all of this if you aren’t feeling an element of deficit – friends and colleagues we take for granted, parents and children we ignore – even aspects of our intimate relationships that we tolerate out of convenience or insecurity – are now seen and felt with acute clarity. In all of this, one thing is certain: relationships will either flourish to new levels of intimacy or become strained and collapse under the pressure.

In the coming weeks and months, focusing on the gift of self-isolation will be key to surviving it. Instead of ruminating on what has been lost or taken away, it’s an opportunity to discover what is real and meaningful to you and elevate your vibration. This isn’t a lesson in transpersonal psychology or quantum theory, although having a basic understanding of body energy, and why it is so important, can help you and your loved ones navigate this season of uncertainty.

Raising our vibration enables us to experience greater personal power – more emotional freedom and joy in our lives.

Here’s the thing: when we function at a lower frequency our energy is darker and denser – life and overall mental health can feel challenging and difficult. When emotions are ‘heavy’ we have to exert a great deal of energy to get anything done. In contrast, raising our vibration enables us to experience greater personal power – more emotional freedom and joy in our lives. In essence, the higher the vibration and frequency, the less physical pain and discomfort we experience in our bodies. We feel ‘lighter’ physically, emotionally, and mentally, and have more clarity and ease when dealing with people and situations.

Here’s 5 things you can do in self-isolation to raise your vibration:

1. Eat high-frequency foods – You are what you eat. Maintaining a nutrient-dense diet will supercharge your energy, such as green leafy vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds, and spices. Here’s a top 10 list.

2. Express gratitude – Gratitude is the essence of abundance therefore it is one of the highest frequencies available. When we acknowledge the good in our lives and express gratitude, it helps build strong relationships, deal with adversity, and experience more positive emotions. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for in self-isolation and stick it on your fridge.

3. Drink water – This one is a no-brainer, water keeps us energised and cleanses toxins from the body, giving us more mental clarity and energy.

4. Meditate – meditation helps us ‘feel grounded’ and helps identify the ‘autopilot’ in our lives. This in-turn helps to reduce stress, gain mastery over negative thought patterns, and clear the mind. Download the Insight Timer app and check out the free guided meditations.

5. Practice kindness – there are so many small acts of kindness you can do for people throughout the day that don’t require much time, energy or money. You will feel good about it, too, which raises your frequency. Being kind to self is equally important – stand in front of the mirror and verbalise three things you love about yourself (or write them down if you prefer).

Until next time…


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