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Tip #6 - Wanderlust beyond iso

Here we are, week 13 since lockdown began in March, and 7 weeks since Victoria’s 2nd lockdown commenced in July. It feels like 2020 has simply disappeared and as life goes on, days blend into weeks, months blend into well, there are moments we truly are not sure what day it is…

With the recent news that Daniel Andrews (who is our State Premier for those of you not in Australia) is ensuring he has the ability to lock the state down again if a ‘3rd’ wave hits, it feels as though this pandemic is never going to end. If you are anxious about whether or not ‘stage 4’ restrictions will lift in a few weeks, you’re not alone. I would usually say ‘don’t worry about the things you can’t control’ but I’m not going to. Instead, I invite you to focus on something else, even if just for a few moments.

As we find a new rhythm and adjust to working from home, Facetime with my practice manager, Amelia, has become a weekly highlight. We chat about our week, how we are coping and feeling, how we can serve our community in the most relevant way, and especially, what food we are eating, because we are both major foodies! Last week we got talking about the things we are looking forward to when the world ‘resumes’ – not so much in an I miss X,Y and Z kind of way but rather how wonderful it will be to eat in a restaurant again (I told you we are foodies).

It felt so good to imagine what it will be like to do the basic things that we love and take for granted. So, we spent some time sharing about all of the things we can’t wait to do again and I excitedly declared how I cannot wait to tick off my bucket list and explore amazing places with my partner when we are able to travel again, like Argentinian Patagonia, the Mekong in Vietnam, and the Greek Islands. Amelia shared about how she is craving a night out in the city with her best girls, music, cocktails, lots of dancing, and being able to wear ‘actual clothes’ instead of living life as the tracksuit fairy in pyjamas and active wear! Can I hear an amen 

In case you’re wondering, we are both ‘glass half-full’ kind of people. For now, video calls with my partner (who lives in Bali) and Googling cities and planning next adventures and places we will soon visit, is what’s giving me energy. For Amelia, virtual dance/wine parties in the living room is keeping her sane. Importantly, we know this won’t last forever (even though it sometimes feels like it). We may not be able to do things that we are dreaming of doing tomorrow, or next week, but we will be able to soon enough. And that thought is incredibly uplifting.

So, I invite you to take an hour out of your schedule, grab a wine (or a tea), put on some music, do this alone or with your loved ones, and fill in our 'Wanderlust beyond Iso - Bucket List'. Allow yourself to dream and let your imagination run wild and flow with anything and everything you want to do when you are able to. Notice how your mind starts to shift into a state of happiness and positivity.

Until next time


P.S. Please share your list either online or with me, I would love to see some of the goals you have planned for the future!


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