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Predictive High Performance™ Academy is a elite development program for technical professionals that integrates 1:1 mentoring, group coaching and team workshops. 9 learning modules provide essential knowledge, tools and interventions that equip leaders to connect, communicate and lead with confidence, and lead their teams to success.


In this program you will learn how to:

  • FUTURE PROOF – Develop the essential soft-skills and interpersonal qualities that enable you to connect, communicate and lead with confidence (empathy, persuasion, problem-solving, conflict resolution...) and eliminate the risk of becoming outmoded.

  • RESOLVE SELF-SABOTAGE – Identify and recalibrate blind spots and patterns of behaviour that keep holding you back (imposter syndrome, perfectionism, not finishing what you start, trying to be a superhero...) and establish conscious habits that guarantee success.

  • MITIGATE BURNOUT – Embed wellbeing rituals and create synergy between your personal values and vision and those of your organisation, so that you bring your whole self to work and life everyday with purpose, energy, and a clear path to achieving your goals.

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