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"The program has had a significant impact on the way I think, feel and behave at work and in personal wellbeing...

This has been a very different and far more rewarding mentoring experience than I have undertaken previously. I have spent many years working towards personal acceptance of the personality box I am in (or my 'type') and the roles and workplace cultures I am best suited to.  Mentoring with Stephen has been a challenging and far more enriching experience about understanding my self and the 'box' I am in (in a far more sophisticated model) so that I can move out of this and grow and develop in ways that I had not considered. My personal work within the mentoring program has been challenging as well as nurturing and motivating. Coming out of the program I have gained insight, a plan to establish new patterns (disrupt the old ones) and useful strategies to apply to daily life".

-Elspeth Fink Jensen

EMR Connecting Care project

"The journey was excellent and the connection and development of my mentality and help to resolve some past trauma really allowed me to accept parts of my self that was in constant doubt.

Stephen is good man and great mentor. He has helped me alleviate doubt and pressure in my life in our sessions. He understands the challenges a lot of leaders face and his program was conducive to me stabilizing as individual for the business. I appreciate the energy and skills he has given me to lead my team with a more considerate and synergistic focus".

-Alex Creel

Impact AV

"Stephen's work is of great value and approaches performance from an approachable yet deeply powerful perspective.

He is a pleasure to work with and not only explains complex topics in an easy-to-underway way, but guides you through a process in a caring and considered way. I think Stephen's programs touch on areas of performance which many do not consider, yet are at the center of why we can or cannot achieve"

-Paul Farina 

Educator, Author & Mentor

"As a HR Executive, I have worked with many great advisors and always love to see something unique and thought provoking.

Stephen’s advice and his book `Emergent’ are unique and challenging as well as thought provoking.His knowledge and experience are exactly what is needed for organisations to move from being toxic or compliant with poor or adequate performance to curious, then innovative with sustainable high performance. Best of all, it is done through people, with people and for people. Stephen is fun to work with, authentic and has a great ability to engage people to link their purpose with an organisation’s purpose".

-Helen Hovenga  

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

"Stephen's generosity, commitment and passion roll into a powerful mentoring fix

Whenever I am stuck a session with Stephen blows away uncertainty bringing not just a new clarity but also a higher vision deeply connected to my values and purpose. Thank you Stephen for all the great work you have inspired".

-Pollyanna Lenkic 

Building constructive cultures

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