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EMERGENT is a handbook for navigating—and thriving in—the new cultural paradigm. More than a simple DIY for change, this book provides a way forward through the transition, with expert guidance and a clear, actionable framework for implementation. 

  • Adopt a unique governance framework for culture transformation

  • Leverage the power of movements to fuel engagement and growth

  • Address skills deficits, misaligned values, and failed change

  • Ignite your organisation’s purpose and sustainability for the future

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In EMERGENT, Stephen Scott Johnson sets a flag in the sand, a mark, if you like, for how we achieve great things, not so much by being great but rather creating the conditions for greatness to emerge. The new role for the human factor is perhaps the oldest of all: to mobilise people in pursuit of a better future. This book is a great start in that direction.

Matt Church

Chairman & Founder Thought Leaders


The You in Us about love and freedom – of all we become through mastery of awareness, transformation and intent. At an integral level, The You is about personal development – a celebration of identity shaped through our existential pursuit to find purpose and to make meaning. The gift of The You is discovery of who you really are; what it truly means to live an authentic, fully self-expressed life, free of societal constructs that seek to control and define – to reclaim your unique, beautiful, unrepeatable soul.

In Us is about intimacy and belonging – the state of unity that can only be experienced through connection. Us embodies families, relationships, teams, organisations, communities – the network of strong and weak ties that amplify our capacity. As we surrender to the possibility that exists beyond the boundaries and limitations of individual personality, gifts and abilities, we become even more significant – powerful beyond measure.


As an ethos The You in Us embodies oneness and the ultimate evolutionary idea – that there is no Us without an authentic and fully engaged You – and the deeper you move into that place, the truer it becomes. 

Available 2022

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