Moving from Chaos to Effortless Collaboration

Bored of hearing words like purpose, vision, alignment, collaboration and engagement? Do you know what that actually means for you and what it looks like within your team? While it is essential for a business to articulate who it is and what it stands for, on its own ‘purpose’ is not enough to inspire connection and collaboration. 


Engagement needs an overhaul – and getting it right requires more than altruistic storytelling and generic stakeholder communications. Purpose must have enough breadth to be seen and understood clearly by everybody and yet be specific enough to differentiate a business in a powerful way. In order to establish the leadership in your business you need to create a Manifesto of intent. 


In this online event, we will explore why traditional engagement programs don't drive collaboration. Why corporate social responsibility is dead. And how to catalyse collaboration by going beyond mission and values on office walls to make a higher purpose real for your people.


At this event you will learn:


  • How to create buy-in and inspire your people to be part of something bigger than themselves

  • How a higher purpose will help you attract and retain the best talent that is driving your mission 

  • How to differentiate products and services in a powerful way to attract and keep great customers

  • How to shift your team from chaotic to effortless collaboration

Tuesday 31st August



Conscious Leaders; Self Sabotage to Self Mastery

Are you or those in your team guilty of self-sabotage? Would you like to understand what it actually means and how you can achieve long-term success and vitality, irrespective of your age, career, strengths or personality?


Beneath the social mask we wear everyday, a hidden shadow side exists, a force of the unconscious that can be destructive, divisive and self-sabotaging when ignored. Shadow influences every aspect of our lives, work and relationships.


Self-mastery is often defined as having an ability to control one’s own desires or impulses; an ongoing journey to a destination we can never truly reach. In my experience, it is about understanding why we act and react the way we do, as well as having a vision for our future self and harnessing the intent to realise that vision. It is a journey that I am deeply proud to guide individuals and teams through, and the good news is, when you learn to lead yourself first, leading others becomes much easier. 

At this event you will learn:

  • The impact of self-sabotage on relationships and how it affects the workplace

  • How to gain freedom from self-limiting habits and beliefs

  • Ways to recognise self-sabotage in your team with a focus on becoming a more conscious leader of self and others.

Wednesday 1st September