Predictive High Performance™ Academy is an professional online course that augments Stephen's elite mentoring program and workshops. 6 learning modules provide the essential knowledge, tools and interventions to elevate personal and professional leadership, and equip teams for success.


In this course you will learn how to:

  • LEAD YOUR TEAM TOWARD A COMMON GOAL (even if right now, you feel like you're playing "fake it til you make it")

  • RESOLVE SELF-SABOTAGE – When you ​learn to recognise and anticipate patterns of behaviour that keep holding you back (whether it’s procrastination or trying to be a superhero), you can establish new habits that guarantee success.

  • CREATE SYNERGY BETWEEN YOUR PERSONAL VALUES AND VISION AND THOSE OF YOUR ORGANISATION – Get equipped to bring your whole self to life and work, every day and see a clear path to achieving your goals.

  • DESIGN A DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR TEAM – See a clear path to achieving your goals and measuring your team